What SiP Does
SiP is a Simple Inventory Program that makes it possible for you to create inventories of the tangibles in your life, including your home and your office.

reports help you to support an insurance claim and your Executor to deal with your Estate.

™ also has the following capabilities / features:
All reports can be printed or saved as pdf files.
Note: This option is disabled in the Evaluation (free) Edition of SiP
The value of an item can be automatically adjusted by using, for example, the Consumer Price Index, CPI, so that a report's estimated replacement values reflect inflation.
Value escalation types and rates can be added, modified and assigned to individual items.
Electronic documents, including videos, can be associated with each inventory item and later retrieved, displayed and / or printed.
The inventory file and its associated documents and images can be easily backed-up / copied to external storage devices, such as USB Thumb drives or DVDs, so that it can be stored in a safe off-site location.
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