FitAll User Comments
Here are just a few of the comments that MTR Software has received from FitAll users.
Thank you very much for your file containing some sample analyses and comments about my data. I read it very carefully and following your thought process and examples were very valuable for me. I think I need to purchase another meter because .... -- B.W., CA, U.S.A.
FitAll has been one of the most useful programs I have ever owned! I am sure the new version will be of great value to me! -- J.B.C., University of Louisville.
This is fabulous, thank you! I will check it all out this weekend. -- D.K., NM, U.S.A.
Among other tests, I have been able to reproduce the Monte Carlo simulations reported by ... and me.... The only difference is it only took about 30 minutes total instead of 6 weeks! -- J.C., University of Mississippi Medical Center.
I am pleased with the custom version! I thank you for your help and thoughtful input. The approach will be very useful to me, and I think novel and significant results will emerge...." -- J.C., University of Mississippi Medical Center.
I really appreciate the seriousness with which you have considered my problems. If only the large software companies offered such a high level of support. -- R.C., University of New South Wales, Australia.

It made a really difficult statistical analysis easy for me. One of the best math packages that I own.... -- R.B., Johns Hopkins University.
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