SiP Update and Upgrade Details
The updates are not always cummulative. This means that it may be necessary for you to "Check for Updates" more than once in order to update your copy of SiP to the most recent version.
SiP v1 Initial Release
Release Date: 2018-01-01
Entering and editing an item's details has been simplified.
Several reports have been modified to be more informative.
A "tool" to update previous versions of the SiP database has been added.
SiP v2 Initial Release
Release Date: 2018-01-31

Implements the following changes:
SiP v2 Update 01
Release Date: 2018-02-18

Implements the following changes:
Added the ability to easily duplicate the currently selected item.
This makes it easier to enter multiple items that are very similar; for example, a series of books by the same author and publisher.
SiP v2 Update 02
Release Date: 2018-04-08

Implements the following changes:
Fixed an error in the Check for Updates function that prevented it from working properly.
It did not always recognize that an update was actually available.
Added an Item Identification number, ID, to the items list and just before the Description in all reports that list individual items.
This makes it easier to refer to individual items when supporting an insurance claim or having heirs identify what they would like to inherit.
Added a "tool" to synchronize the Categories and Sub-Categories codes.
It is no longer necessary to enter the same code in both lists. -- You can just synchronize them by using the new menu selections Tools > Synchronize Categories.
Added several new "Full Details" reports.
Some of the Item Filters were not working properly. These have been corrected.
Fixed several minor bugs, such as the items displayed in the ValEscType dropdown list in the Edit Item Details dialog.
SiP v2 Update 03
Release Date: 2018-04-29

Implements the following changes:
Under some conditions some of the dropdown pick lists would generate an error. This has been fixed.
Occassionally an extra blank item was appended to the list when adding items to the reference tables. This has been fixed.
It is now possible to select multiple items in the items window using the key combinations Ctrl + Click and Shift + Click.
The report "Full Details - Selected Item" has been modified so that it will include all of the items that are selected in the items window, not just the one focused item.
This makes it possible to create a report containing items that are not easily selected using the standard report filtering criteria.
In some of the reports some of the details were repeated on the next page. This has been fixed.
SiP v2 Update 04
Release Date: 2018-07-15

Implements the following changes:
SiP v2 Update 05
Release Date: 2018-10-01

Implements the following changes:
It is now possible to filter the items list using an Owner / No Owner filter.
This makes it easier to identify items that do or do not have an owner so that one can more easily make changes.
SiP v3 Initial Release
Release Date: 2021-08-31

Implements the following changes:
NEW: An optional Portable Mode Installation is now available.
This means that you can now install SiP on a USB Flash Drive and then take the USB drive from one computer to another and run SiP on the new computer without having to install SiP on the second computer.
NEW: The settings used to generate a report are now saved so that the next time the report is selected its default settings will be the same as those that were last used.
NEW: The new Options > Change Font menu selection makes it possible to change the font that SiP uses to display its forms and dialogs.
This makes it easier to read the text on small, high resolution monitors.
IMPROVED: Most dialogs and forms have been modified to make them easier to read.
IMPROVED: The reports have many minor adjustments to improve their appearance. Also, the "Full Details Report" has been changed so that it can be generated and filtered in the same way as the other reports.
CHANGED: Portable Document Format, PDF, copies of a report are now created by printing the report to a PDF printer driver rather than using a SaveAs option.
MS Windows 10 comes with a PDF printer driver named "Microsoft Print to PDF".

On older versions of Windows it will be necessary to install a third party PDF Printer driver such as the free "CutePDF Writer" which is available from: .
SiP v3 Update 01
Release Date: 2022-10-31

Implements the following changes:
CHANGED:: Now the report filtering criteria better match the items filtering criteria.
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