Author Topic: Can I Run FitAll on a Mac Computer?  (Read 1605 times)

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Can I Run FitAll on a Mac Computer?
« on: February 11, 2017, 12:18:35 am »
Sort of!

FitAll is a Windows application, but it is possible to use a Virtual Machine on a Mac computer so that you can install Windows and then FitAll on the computer.

This has not been tested, but it should work.

To find out what is required search the internet for "Windows On Mac" to see what options are available.

If you decide to use a virtual machine, such as Parallel, and Windows on your Mac you should then install FitAll Evaluation Edition and test it before purchasing FitAll.

An alternative solution is to purchase an inexpensive laptop with Windows already installed on it and then install FitAll on that computer.
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