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MTR Software is an
MTR Software has been providing the scientific, engineering and education communities with fitting solutions™ since 1984.

Our premier product, FitAll™, is a nonlinear (& linear) regression analysis (curve fitting) tool that can help you to extract meaningful results from your data.

The conventional wisdom has been that you must transform the model (equation) that describes your system so that it can be fit using linear regression analysis. With FitAll™ this is not necessary -- you can fit your data to the model that actually describes it.

In addition to creating and selling FitAll™, MTR Software provides value added consulting services that include, but are not limited to, creating custom FitAll Function Libraries.

MTR Software is pleased to announce the release of FitAll version 8.

FitAll now:
Has a new user interface, UI, of the "tabbed" style.

This makes it easier to see which windows are open and to switch between them.
Has Solar Cell functions that have been enhanced to make it easier to analyze the IV data obtained from solar "cell-strings" in which the cells are connected in series as well as from "modules" in which the cell-strings are connected in parallel.
Makes better use of your computer's memory.
Supports MS Windows 8.